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V-CUBE™ is proud to announce the release of its newest addition, the V-CUBE™ 4!!  This super amazing cube will make your head spin with its exceptional quality and extraordinarily smooth layers!!   It is offered in two variations; the classical flat-shaped cube and the “essential” pillow-shaped version, derived from the original V-CUBE™ 7!!

V-CUBE News !

The whole V-CUBE™ Team is extremely happy as we have been given an honorary award by the Greek Exports Forum for our success as a Exporting Startup Company. This recognition comes from a very well respected and internationally recognised body consisting of esteemed businessmen, investment bankers and government officials which promotes some of the most well known Greek brands globally. Our company's history may be short however our innovative and high quality products and their appeal to the international markets have become noticeable and we have been fortunate enough to have received multiple awards as a recognition for our efforts.

Welcome to the V-CUBE™ World !

V-CUBE™ products are manufactured under V-CUBE™ technology, invented and patented worldwide by the Greek Engineer Panagiotis VERDES.

V-CUBE™ technology made possible the construction of a cube with an unlimited number of layers, providing safe and smooth rotation! The V-CUBE™ product series entails any sized cube ! Our patented V-CUBE™ Technology applies to cubes of layers ranging from 2x2x2 to 11x11x11. Here you can find and buy cubes of any size and and of various color combinations!

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